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From the Registrar's Desk

    The world today is complex, dynamic and fast changing. Globalization has enabled countries and enterprises to reach     across borders, access new markets and new technologies. Business education has a critical role to play in developing     managers and entrepreneurs, who will accept and leverage the challenges the new environment.

    We see DIMR as a challenger in the forefront of the countries business education sector with respect to nurturing and     developing Functional Managers and Entrepreneurs.

    A dedicated and capable faculty team has been formed, and the students will have the benefit of international level     infrastructural support, ready access to knowledge resource, linkages with industry and government, and student exchange programmes with premier business schools, within and outside the country.

Our College respects talent, fosters a spirit of exploration, learning and self discovery while mentoring 'Industry Ready Managers' for tomorrow’s business world. It will need all over collective efforts to make DIMR a vibrate place to live, learn, practice and work; a place that will someday yield the best decision makers for the corporate world. I thank you for visiting us and I hope you have found what you are looking for and would return to our midst one day soon.